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According to Good, she grew up "super nerdy, super skinny, buckteeth, big ole afro and yet I had a sense of confidence about myself, like, 'they just don't get it yet' After taking on small film and television roles for the next few years, Good began to transition into more mature roles in the early 2000s.

Good believes she was able to move into adult roles due to playing characters several years younger than her.

The couple said "I do" during a fairytale sunset wedding at a Malibu, California, winery in 2012 after dating for 13 months, and their wedding night was the first night they had sex.

The Hollywood power couple insists that waiting to have sex until marriage was key to their relationship.

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"I would feel bad and be like, ' Let's try to be celibate,'" Good continued.

“I decided this is what I need to do for me, because I need to heal and I need to focus on myself and I need to advance myself in every area of my life without the distraction of feeling…

Lil Wayne- They dated for three years during her Cousin Skeeter Days. 50 Cent- The dated on and off for almost 3 years, even during his relationships with his baby mama and Vivica Fox. Joseph Gordon-Levitt- They dated for six months in 2004 after meeting on the set of "Brick".

On a sunny Sunday last November, the couple go over 2015, their best year yet, while sitting in De Von’s Los Angeles office on the Sony lot.

“Franklin Entertainment” is scrawled on the wall behind them.

The couple, who’ve been married for three years, attribute their professional success, solid union and inner peace to one major decision: waiting to have sex until after they married.

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