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The only significant variation: David Ortiz (at No. Let's answer those critical questions: We begin with a fact from the same polling data: Nearly one in four people who consider themselves "avid" NBA fans (23 percent) say Le Bron James is their favorite player. Now contrast that with baseball -- in which no one even remotely approaches the star power of a Le Bron. Oh, and one more thing: In polling 17,908 American sports fans on the same question between January and December 2016, the response was pretty much identical.Ball, along with six others in this mock draft's top 20, could help make this the strongest point guard class since 2009.

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The Washington Huskies already have three losses, but their inability to stop anyone won't stain Fultz's No. Highly skilled and athletic, he's wowed with highlight-reel dunks, acrobatic finishes, mid-range scoring and deadly three-point shooting (13-of-27).

For comparison, in the NFL, Brady checks in at 9.3 percent."That 2.9 percent for MLB is a mixed blessing," says Rich Luker, the founder of Luker on Trends.

"It means the favorites are distributed more evenly across all teams compared to the NBA or NFL -- giving all teams a rooting interest.

Fultz has already delivered a number of high-IQ assists off pick-and-rolls and penetration.

Porsha Williams thinks Kandi Burruss is taking shots at her just to fire up the LGBTQ community over some ancient video, for which Porsha's already apologized. READ MORE Kandi Burruss isn't gonna lay down for Porsha Williams attacking her over her sexuality and, in fact, says Porsha's throwing stones from her own lesbian glass house. READ MORE Porsha Williams says Kordell Stewart is DEAD WRONG for insinuating she had anything to do with the release of a naked video featuring the ex-NFL star ... READ MORE Kordell Stewart says newly surfaced video purportedly showing the ex-NFL star in the nude is real -- but it was stolen -- and he's pointing the finger at his reality star ex-wife. READ MORE Porsha Williams was rushed to a hospital Monday after she collapsed in a parking lot ... The 'Real Housewives' star was gasping for air in an Atlanta shopping center lot and fell…

Fultz has had no issues creating shots for himself and clearly no problems converting.

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