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An art gallery employee discovers a briefcase of classified documents about surveillance technology made by one of the NSA's suppliers, and the supplier goes after her to protect its secrets.A NSA operative blows his cover to protect the woman.Her victims included underage children both in Canada and abroad," the Mounties added.

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The group discovered and released documents about COINTELPRO, a secret domestic surveillance program that targeted "dissident groups, civil rights leaders and anti-Vietnam War activists".

However, there are plenty of great supporting players in the film including Houston Texans defensive end J. Watt as the school’s soccer coach and comedic goddess Wanda Sykes as a family therapist.

Even so, there’s no doubt that this is Kunis’ baby, and she does a fine job of leading the mostly female cast in this hilarious comedy that even the most Type A among us can snicker at.

The comedy stars Mila Kunis who fabulously plays Amy, a stressed-out working mom who is trying to keep up with the hectic lifestyle of raising two kids with a husband who is practically her third child.

Adding to her misery, Amy gets judgy stares every time she encounters the PTA posse led by Mean Girl Mom Gwendolyn (a wicked-in-a-good-way Christina Applegate).

It is further alleged that she was the owner of an online hacking forum that has 35,000 users worldwide.

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