Validating address change credit bureau


Let's say I would move tomorrow to a different place How would the credit bureaus be updated? Or they consider The address that DMV or social security has as my official residence ?

The SSN Trace provides an immediate and independent cross-check of key applicant identity factors which are at the core of a background check – validating the SSN, the year it was issued, the state of issue.That includes errors with a person’s Social Security number, name or address, as well as mistakes about a person’s work history.However, creditors do need to look into disputes over how much a consumer owes, whether the account holder is paying on time and if the account is listed under the appropriate name, according to the CFPB.First, I must warn you that I always recommend hiring a professional if you’re planning on doing any kind of Credit Disputes, or attempt your own Credit Repair.I’ve been in the Credit Repair business for over 10 years now and it’s rare to see an individual have a ton of success when attempting to do their own Repairs.When you open an account, you disclose your date of birth, current address and Social Security number.

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