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Before camo was caching images, jc00ke/travis-build-status could show up-to-date build statuses from Travis. I tried adding but it doesn't look like that'll work for a redirect. The instance is behind a VPN and since Github is not in that VPN (obviously) it fails to fetch the badge image. The badge should be visible internally, it does not matter whether it breaks from the outside or not. for me it works if i have the headers of the Cache-Control and the Expires .

When you share a Medium post on Facebook of Twitter, a card is created with a preview of your content.

Note that the Name in your profile refers to your display name, which is different than your Username.

Your Name appears in your profile and is shown with your activity in Disqus.

Before starting to do any of this, you should make sure you have run through the Initial setup information.

There is a lot of information in this article, so here we've included a quick start guide that takes you through the steps you need quickly to get your device updated.

Your settings are just a click away whether you're using Disqus on Home or through the embed out on the web.

Click the gear icon, then choose "Edit Profile" or "Settings".

Note: Firefox OS images v180 and above are based on Android KK (Kitkat, 4.4); JB (Jellybean, 4.1–4.3) builds have now been discontinued and are no longer supported, so don't use anything older than v180.

Twitter and Facebook look at the initial post data, such as your title and featured image.

If you make changes to those elements, Medium sends out the new information.

$ pkg list entire NAME (PUBLISHER) VERSION IFO entire 0.5.11,5.11- if-Note - Freezing a package is not the best way to manage a large number of systems.

$ pkg contents -m solaris-11.3 set name=value=pkg://solaris/release/constraint/[email protected],5.161021T222558Z set name=pkg.summary value="Constraint Package for Oracle Solaris 11.3" set name=value=sparc value=i386 set name=pkg.depend.install-hold value=core-os depend [email protected] type=incorporate depend fmri=entire type=require Similar to using the Oracle Solaris constraint packages described in the previous section, you can create your own custom constraint package to specify the constraints you want.

$ pkg update -nv [email protected],5.11- '*' Packages to remove: 2 Packages to install: 1 Packages to update: 486 Estimated space available: 48.39 GB Estimated space to be consumed: 2.50 GB Create boot environment: Yes Activate boot environment: Yes Create backup boot environment: No Rebuild boot archive: Yes Changed packages: solaris ...

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