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If you suspect that a file has been incorrectly identified as malware, you can submit the file for analysis.

There are 3 type of flash player plugins, and they all have to be installed separately, You will have to re-install per browser plugin type.

How do you know if the version of Flash you have is the one that needs updating?

But you may be wondering a few things, such as what the heck is a plug-in?You can activate it by changing your Flash settings (note that the settings panel you see when you click this link is not a screenshot – it’s a dynamically updated window of the Flash settings on your computer which you can adjust accordingly).If you have any further doubts or problems updating Adobe Flash, check the Adobe Flash Update page.If your version of Adobe Flash is out of date, you should receive the message below.Clicking “Install” will automatically update you to the latest version. If you don’t receive the above message, it’s because you haven’t got auto-updating activated.It is important to note that you can have different versions here as well because not all browsers and applications use the same plugin remember this.

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