Updating excel graph


One Pager Express, presentation software for Microsoft Excel, provides an excellent way to create and maintain Gantt chart presentation slides.

If you don’t already have One Pager Express, you can download a 15-day free trial to see how it works.

The Paste Link Option This sample Power Point slide shows the updated Excel chart.

This chart was inserted using the Paste link option in the Paste Special dialog box.

After you have finished editing, be sure to save the chart in Excel.

Charts can add a little extra punch to your Power Point presentation instead of listing bullet points of data.

Any chart created in Excel can be copied and pasted into your Power Point presentation.

You can update graphs yourself, or you can have Minitab automatically update graphs. (Only available when graph is set to update automatically.) The data have changed but something prevents the update.

For example, you may have unequal column lengths or data values that are not acceptable.

One Pager Express is extremely useful for conducting schedule conversations during a project’s lifecycle.

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