Updating an unlocked iphone to 2 2

Talk about the ol’ ball and chain, cell phone locks ensure that carriers keep your business until you buy a new phone from a different carrier.When made to defend this practice, the carriers basically argued that locks help protect their property.As a commenter pointed out, the public release of i OS 10.2 comes with the exact same “14C92” build number of the last 10.2 public beta.Needless to say, folks who are jailbroken are wholeheartedly recommended to hold off upgrading to i OS 10.2 until we have more information on the update.

But if I had a phone locked to Rogers, I wouldn’t be able to get the phone to work using a Bell SIM card (without unlocking the phone first, that is). Well, the whole unlocked/locked thing comes down to software.

Options if you have already Upgraded to i Phone Firmware 2.2.1: So if you have upgraded your jailbroken and unlocked i Phone to firmware 2.2.1 (or just about a new i Phone which came pre-installed with firmware 2.2.1), then you are left with the following options depending on your version of the i Phone: 1st gen i Phone: Since the update does not touch the baseband of the 1st gen i Phone your unlock will remain in place.

However to jailbreak your 1st gen i Phone you will need to wait for the dev team to release updated versions of Pwnage Tool and Quick Pwn tools which will let you jailbreak your 1st gen i Phone running firmware 2.2.1.

You see, when you buy a phone on a contract, you’re actually not getting a phone for free or at a discount.

David chimed in on our past prepaid i Phone article to describe how he got his i Phone 4 setup with a pay-go plan by transferring sim cards with AT&T.

Your phone was either unlocked, in which case you will have to contact the original company it was locked to for instructions on unlocking it and hope that works or you are stuck with a non-working phone because it was not unlocked but jailbroken, which will eventually render a phone useless when updates occur.

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