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Court records say Green had at least two victims -- a then 16-year-old boy from Smithville who just came forward -- though the crimes happened more than more than 10 years ago.The other victim was a former student of Green's, and court documents say they communicated as late as last week.

Green is on administrative leave from his job at Northgate Middle School in the North Kansas City school district.

FOX 4's Rebecca Gannon spoke with some of Green's former students, people who he had in class and coached on swim teams.

Some said they feel betrayed because they really trusted him. Because if he was saying this to me, and fantasizing about all that stuff with other swimmers that I was on the team with, if he was going to do it with the swimmers that he was teaching at the time, who were all underage, you know?

“As a parent and as a police officer for 36 years, it never ceases to amaze me when you put children in the care of a position such as a teacher and they violate that trust.” Scott’s attorney Evan J.

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