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Assume that you want to add an icon to tab to indicate the valid or invalid tab.A tab is called valid if all fields inside it are valid. Tab Control combines machine and process control in a single system.The hardware is installed in an extra stainless steel control cabinet integrated into the machine’s panelling.

The called method generates text which is intended to be displayed in the second tab.

the validation tooltip is an implicit feature in silverlight 5. Resources" node in your "main page" usercontrol and you will have the expected behavior.

When the first time the item is showed the validation discover an incorrect value for some property as I can see through breakpoints, but the error message does not appear on the screen.

Selected Tab This property returns or sets the currently selected tab page.

You can use this property to programmatically change the current tab: Selected Index This property returns or sets the index of the currently selected tab page.

2) Why do I have no problems if I use only the main view and not different views for any items? c# wpf mvvm tabcontrol idataerrorinfo | this question asked Feb 6 '16 at Filippo Riccio 6 2 What's the code for Error Content? – Peter Feb 6 '16 at I implemented IData Error Info Interface. – Filippo Riccio Feb 6 '16 at IData Error Info does not inherit from INotify Property Changed, you need INotify Property Changed interface for property-binding to update. – Peter Feb 6 '16 at Of Course, I implemented INotify Property Changed.

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