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stripchart(x, ...) ## S3 method for class 'formula' stripchart(x, data = NULL, dlab = NULL, ..., subset, na.action = NULL) ## Default S3 method: stripchart(x, method = "overplot", jitter = 0.1, offset = 1/3, vertical = FALSE, group.names, add = FALSE, at = NULL, xlim = NULL, ylim = NULL, ylab = NULL, xlab = NULL, dlab = "", glab = "", log = "", pch = 0, col = par("fg"), cex = par("cex"), axes = TRUE, = axes, ...) the data from which the plots are to be produced.

In the default method the data can be specified as a single numeric vector, or as list of numeric vectors, each corresponding to a component plot.

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*Given Name: Nilou Achtland *Nationality: Canadian British / Cherokee Amerindian / Moroccan *Language Spoken: English/ Spanish/ French/ Japanese *Native Homeland: Whistler, B.

*Career: Exotic Model / Fashion Designer / Sultry Actress / Singer & Socialite *Skills: Modern Dance/ Kickboxing / Singing / Rollerblading/ Skiing/ Horseback riding/ Golf / Tennis/ Volley Ball/ Bike Riding / Arts & Crafts / Sewing / Sketching / About me: Private XXX Show ?

Here are some guidelines to help you have a very pleasurable and fun experience while you’re engaging with the models.


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