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The visit will also include a medieval banquet in a 15th Century building, dinner in the newly gentrified warehouse area of contemporary Estonian cuisine, and lunch at one of the most famous restaurants, open since the 1960s in a former Soviet Writer’s guild.

Although the visit is not specifically sector focused, it will provide useful connections for suppliers into the digital industries including marketing, finance, manufacturing and design.

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Petersburg Ms Veronica Spiridonova, representative of the Programme Managing Authority Mr Aleksander Vukkert and Board member of the Enterprise Estonia Ms Sille Talvet-Unt.This mobile “game” provided to the audience opportunity to find a possible project partner and exchange project idea within a short time.As a result 22 participants declared about finding a new partner for their project idea.Unsuccessful entrepreneur Percy Nilegård organizes a bus trip for lonely Swedish men to Estonia, where Nilegård's Estonian business partner Lembit Metsik has gathered Estonian women interested in meeting Swedish men.The group comprises a mixture of men from different parts of Sweden: Roland Järverup, a timid dansband fan from Karlskoga, the easy-going pick-up artists Micke and Slobodan from Skövde, who has grown tired of the local women, Magnus Ronell, a socially awkward and aggressive perpetual student, Lennart Sundström, an idealistic and argumentative sanitary worker who lives with his elderly mother in Vännäs, and several others.Partner Search Forum provided platform for participants to find partners for future projects, ensured raising awareness about Estonia-Russia CBC Programme and its potential possibilities.

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