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They imitate buildings with a rooster on them that signifies the start of a new day and the rooster on the urn signifies new life after death." The beginnings are in the Culture of Lužice Science was not yet able to determine what language Europeans used before the Bronze Age and how Indo-European languages evolved.

From the similarity between the Slovenian and Basque language, it could have only originated before the Indo-European Age, therefore we can assume, that the Indo-European language contained Slovenian Elements.

Read Full Article » Summer in Ljubljana offers many lively cultural events where everyone can find artistic delight.

A highlight of the summer will be the 65th Ljubljana Festival, one of the largest summer festivals in Europe, which will again bring an excellent program and exceptional talent.

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A shocking report yesterday showed that female life expectancy here is also lower than in almost all Western European countries.

In 1929 King Alexander suspended the constitution and the parliament and proclaimed a royal dictatorship.

In 1934 Croatian and Macedonian extremists organized the King’s assassination in Marseille.

When we had our previous currency unit called Tolar, we used very few coins).

But enough about that...i have somethng else on my mind...

Photos from the books 'Zakladi tisoèletij', 'Zgodovina Slovenije od neandertalcev do Slovanov', Ljubljana, 1998.

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