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However, the site isn't exclusively for Spanish speakers.

Most of the public pages are in English but once you get to individual profiles, you're on your own.

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Overview You might have already guessed that is an adult dating site that caters to Spanish speaking members.

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Luckily most of the members on are bilingual (even the ones in South America) and they usually write profiles in both Spanish and English.

You will have an opportunity to bring your communication to a qualitatively new level.

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Sexual contacts did not subjecte to prosection if their action did not end up in sexual intercourse and the age different wasn’t over 4 years and the parnter wasn’t younger than 12 years.

Sexual intercourse of minors will not be punished if the age difference doesn’t amount to 3 years and the younger person already completed their 13th Birthday.

there are no fees to pay, your membership is renewable each year.

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