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“It’s hard to go find people in this line of work,” Mahany said.Source.-1000 person friend list and virtually unlimited number of people you can follow. Feed to display what friends are playing.-achievements can be seen on multiple devices through the Achievements Hub.-Control individual components like a TV, receiver, DVR, etc similar to a Harmony remote were you can say things like "Xbox, volume up".You can control it while playing too, so you should be able to mute your TV for example or adjust your volume on your stereo.-In-game DVR can be triggered by "Xbox, record that".Phone sex advertisements have long been a staple of overnight television, airing in the wee hours between reruns and infomercials when few people are tuned in.Anyone who’s clicked through the channels during that time knows the format: A 1-900 number flashes across the bottom of the screen in bold yellow text. In reality, those calls are fielded by a small army of contract actors, many of whom work from home and are paid based on how long they keep customers on the phone.Kinect immediately senses who you are and adapts your home screen to suit, and as all of your settings and save games are held in the cloud, this can be done on any Xbox One you happen to stand in front of. Go to a friend's house, stand in front of their console and Bob's your uncle, your profile changes the experience.

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