Ryan gosling is dating emma stone

In Spite of being married, Ryan admitted ample amount of times that he and Emma shares a special bond or a strong friendship, and the feeling is mutual from the other end.

Only this time the friendship seems a little overrated or as a lot of tabloids are claiming they are reportedly hooking up behind the back of Ryan’s baby mamma.

She suffers from asthma and is also creating awareness for breast cancer and autism.The actress, 28, who plays struggling actress Mia in the film, oozed glamour in a sexy wine-coloured slip dress as she arrived with her handsome co-star Ryan Gosling.This has to be one of our favourite looks on Emma Stone.Even if they're not a couple offscreen, these two are clearly very good friends.Ryan Gosling did NOT hit on Emma Stone back when the two made their first movie together, despite an inaccurate tabloid report. We’re told the tabloid’s claim that the actor made a move on her is simply not true.The yacht they have rented was believed to have cost around 475 thousand euros per week.” Neither have confirmed if they’re together.

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