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Dating games are great for those who enjoy the thrill and challenge of wooing different characters!Immerse yourself in the loveliest Parisian adventure!Let’s be honest — besides watching funny cat videos, the Internet is also good for playing naughty games every now and then.You’ll be happy to know the 5 we’ve chosen have been marked “Best” by the gaming sites they’re featured on.Meet old and new friend friends as you roam the streets of Paris.Decide how you want to explore the City of Love: socialize and plan the most fun activities with friends, learn about the rich and sophisticated culture of France or meet a handsome guy who might be the love of your life!

The one thing these games have in common is they’re all simulation games, so you can create your own world and explore it as often as you like!

The gameplay involves conversing with a selection of girls, attempting to increase their internal "love meter" through correct choices of dialogue.

The game lasts for a fixed period of game time, such as one month or three years.

These games involve romancing various characters across a specified scenario.

Types include anime, fantasy, and high school dating games.

It's a ridiculous premise to be sure, but I'm sure deep down we all secretly pine for immortality via dating sim - or is that just me?

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