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Your purchase of an Intuit payroll subscription includes periodic tax table updates.

When the federal or state government makes changes to payroll taxes or forms, you will be notified that a new tax table is available.

The latest Payroll Update is 21712, released June 15, 2017.

It's important to understand how Quick Books Desktop supports various state and local taxes.

It used to be that we just had to worry about our local tax rate, when selling items to customer who walked in the door.

Now, most businesses are finding that they have to ship to multiple locations, and each location has a different tax rate.

If the ‘Current’ doesn’t match the ‘Suggested,’double click on the amount. Override the incorrect ‘Current’ amounts with the correct ‘Suggested’ amounts.

NOTE: if you’ve ever used a ‘Custom’ amount (in other words, you’ve entered something other than the basic default amount into the employee profile), this amount will ALWAYS need to be manually updated, unless you change back to the basic ‘Suggested’ amount (and the updates are working properly).

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Quick Books Desktop Payroll provides payroll updates to Quick Books Desktop Payroll subscribers.

We’re a few days into 2015, and I’ve come across several client files where the current Federal and Provincial TD1 amounts are NOT updating.

This is a known issue in Quick Books desktop and hopefully there will be a fix soon. Please make sure you have the latest tax table installed in your software by going to Employees Tax Tables Updates.

Here’s how to check: Reports TD1 Review List You will see a list of your employees.

The columns contain the Payroll Province and Federal and Provincial ‘Current’ and ‘Suggested’ TD1.

: If you're still using Quick Books Desktop 2016 / Quick Books Desktop Enterprise 16.0, you'll need to upgrade to Quick Books Desktop 2017 / Quick Books Desktop Enterprise 17.0 so you can download the tax table updates and continue running payroll after July 1st.

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