Queen noor of jordan dating carlos slim


Both take an interest in eradicating global poverty and, on Sunday, when twice-married Soros, 76, was giving a lecture at Oxford University on ‘The Consequences of the War on Terrorism’, Queen Noor was his unexpected guest.‘She arrived halfway through and sat in the front row absolutely beaming at George,’ a guest at the university church of St Mary the Virgin tells me.‘There was no announcement that she was there; I’m sure very few of the 600 guests were aware of who she was.Meanwhile, former architect Queen Noor, 55, was born Lisa Halaby in Washington DC and converted to Islam in 1978 when she became the fourth wife of King Hussein of Jordan, by whom she has four children. According to Spain’s Semana magazine, the two are an item and have been seen globe-trotting in super luxurious planes and automobiles.Meanwhile, as Lynn and the ­telecommunications mogul talk high finance, no doubt she will invite their esteemed guest to sample a taste of Sir Evelyn’s ­latest venture.For he has become the owner of a chocolate shop and is actively involved in the production of exquisite chocolates and desserts produced by former Savoy hotel patisserie chef William Curley. He was a regular customer and I needed help and investment to extricate myself from a merger that hadn’t worked.With a convoy of bodyguards following closely behind in blacked-out 4x4s, his navy Mercedes darts across the lanes. His 42-year-old son Marco Antonio – “Tony” – sitting in the back of the car, laughs when I ask if his father normally drives himself around. Despite his .5 billion (£32.9 billion) fortune, the 71-year-old lives in a modest six-bedroom house a mile from his office, and has no interest in flashy super-yachts or palatial houses around the world.His grey pinstripe suit may be made by Brioni, the fine Italian tailors, but his watch is a very ordinary-looking plain dial with a leather strap.

Queen Noor was born Lisa Najeeb Halaby in Washington, D. She was born to a family distinguished for its public service.

In 1956 he moved to New York and went on to make an estimated £6 billion fortune on the stock market.

Two years ago he divorced Susan Weber, his second wife of 20 years and the mother of two of his five children.

So I asked him — and he agreed.’Yesterday, as Australian Mark ­Webber pipped Lewis Hamilton to the top spot at Silverstone, billionaire Bernie looked in particularly good spirits as he took his stunning daughters, Tamara, 26 , and Petra, 21, around the pits, where they mingled with VIPs like Sir Patrick ­Stewart and Eric Clapton.

He is one of the wealthiest men on the planet, whose riches have made him a great philanthropist.

born, 57-year-old widow of the late King Hussein of Jordan, is reportedly dating H. Carlos Slim, King of Telmex, Prince of Sanborn’s and Count of the many-many dollars.

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