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Crêperies serve "galettes" (savory buckwheat crepes) and dessert crepes with toppings such as caramel, chocolate sauce, and fresh seasonal strawberries.Bretons take pride in celebrating ancient customs, such as "pardons," a special type of pilgrimage when townspeople (dressed in period costumes) ask for forgiveness for their sins and attend a special mass and festival.St-Pierre said: Diaz is a well-formed fighter, but his outstanding and incredible stamina are his strengths.An irritated St-Pierre could make errors that could open the gate for a disappointing conquest by Diaz.Mauritius is a small island situated in the Indian Ocean to the east of the African continent.To reach Mauritius, it take a 4 hours flight from Johannesburg/South Africa, 12 hours flight from Paris/France or 13 hours from London/UK.

Rodrigues island and some other smaller islands belong to Mauritius too.Bounded by the sea and defined by its traditional character, Brittany is a beautiful region in northeastern France.Quaint fishing villages are nestled in bays along the Atlantic coastline, while the verdant countryside is dotted with picturesque medieval villages and fairytale castles.He still executes moves in the cage others just are not capable to do.St-Pierre will step into the Octagon at the Bell Centre in Montreal on Saturday to guard his welterweight title against archrival Nick Diaz in the major experience of UFC 158.The village of Les Vans, the principal settlement of the canton of the same name in the south of the Ardèche, lies at the centre of a basin near the Chassezac river.

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