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Northern Cyprus covers 3,300 sq km and is widely regarded as less developed and more naturally beautiful than the south of the island, with a profusion of beaches and mountain tracks.It has a rich history, is well known for its flora and fauna and notably boasts 38 species of orchid.It's fantastic value and build quality is high," says Jeremy Muntus of Merryweathers International, a Yorkshire-based estate agency.He has put his money where his mouth is, buying two properties in the north as investments.Garden connoisseurs and students have for some time been anticipating the publication of this lavishly illustrated book by Nurhan Atasoy.Her writings on Ottoman tents and Ottoman silks and velvets have established her reputation as one of Turkey’s foremost authorities on Ottoman art.Cyprus has long been a favourite for British holiday home owners and now, after decades of uncertainty, the north of the island is becoming as popular as the south.

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A lady from the festival committee came to the stage announcing their appology and explaining what the problem was; they were expecting the copy of the film from the its distributor in USA.Is it for those interested in Ottoman decorative art or for scholars interested in Turkish plants and gardens?One can imagine the editor hoping to appeal to as many interests as possible.Excellent for a privacy screen, they will rapidly cover a fence and with support will cover a wall or steep slope.Kiwis grow in a manner similar to grapes but more rapidly. (Ten times as much as lemons.) They are excellent for eating fresh and are a tasty addition to salads and desserts.Many of these illustrations have never been published before.

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