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Our Jewish speed dating™ events are the exciting new way to meet Jewish singles in the New York area.

Now you can enjoy up to 15 dates in one evening with singles just like you!!

I’m usually attracted to pale white guys, but I figured chatting with others for a few minutes could be fun, as I’m always up for meeting new people. Joined speed dating because he wanted to meet new people, and he also said, “I want to get people to like me.” This is also why he started taking dancing lessons, which he’s very into. He even showed me photos on his phone of him competing in dancing competitions, and had a borderline creepy passion for “the magic you make when you dance with the right person.” Sounds sweet in theory, but in practice, it was strange.

I think I’ll choose not to know this passion, and that’s okay with me. I really can’t recall much of this conversation at all.

What a great way to unwind after a long work week..kick off a night on the town!

One guy, however, accused me of recording out conversation, and asked me repeatedly if I was taping him! Unfortunately much the same as speed dating in London.

He then forced me to explain all my tattoos, whilst frowning at me disdainfully for having them. New York Minute Dating were great – very organised, the compere was friendly and approachable, and quite funny during the evening – but the crowd at the event was just too mixed.

Every five minutes, you’ll meet a new partner to chat about your personal lives, goals and happiness before moving on to a new partner. If you sign up individually, you will be placed on a waiting list.

Beyond finding romance, attendees can find new friendships or business connections. Registrants are not guaranteed admittance as equal couples are needed for entry.

And That’s Why You’re Single First off, what an awful name for a company!!

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