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OTHER: After an intense campaign for the Chief of Surgery job, Bailey became Grey Sloan Memorial's first female Chief of Surgery., Chandra Wilson has received the Screen Actors Guild Award, People's Choice Award, Prism Award, three NAACP Image Awards and four Emmy nominations for her portrayal of Dr. She has also received an NAACP Image Award in Directing for , and was later honored with their Rising Star Award for her professional and speaks out for organizations like mission is to increase awareness and understanding of mitochondrial disease and its related functional disorders.She manages the Sermoonjoy Scholarship Fund, which provides college scholarships to Theatre Department graduates from her high school, and the Sermoonjoy Fellowship Fund, which provides annual fellowships to mid-career actors. Bailey noticed that all his patients had their drains removed on day three after surgery, so she instructed him to keep doing that unless instructed otherwise.("Adrift and at Peace") When Clara Greene had a tumor removed, her recovery went very slowly due to type one diabetes. When the doctors proposed using an islet cell device to try to stabilize her insulin levels, Eli asked about the risks before Bailey had a chance to go over them.The two of them fought over whether or not it was his place to ask.("This is How We Do It") When a plane crashed into the sound, Eli helped Lexie run the family center in the cafeteria. ("Unaccompanied Minor") Eli paged Derek when one of Ben's residents punctured the dura on one of his patients during an epidural. ("What is It About Men") Eli was invited to Teddy and Henry's dinner party as Bailey's guest.

NOTABLE RELATIONSHIPS: Bailey was married to Tucker Jones for 10 years before the couple finally decided to divorce. Ben Warren and, after a brief relationship with Nurse Eli, accepted Ben's marriage proposal.

However, she hadn't told him about the dinner party because of her feelings for Ben, who had recently started to pursue her again.

After hearing about it, he planned to attend the party, but when Bailey said she needed to talk to him, he realized she was ending things and sent her to the party alone.

[One of his children is sitting on him, sticking a fake lizard to his forehead] Tim Epstein: I was, uh, stringing Hanumas lights and a shingle came loose.

Isobel ' Izzie' Stevens: [Smiling] Awesome. Meredith Grey: Uh, there are no visible deformities, but he's definitely having some focal left arm weakness.

"A lot of season nine was focused on the aftermath of the plane crash, which Bailey wasn't a part of, so it was exciting to get into a story like this for her. Hunt] actually directed this episode, and he was excited about showing the long reveal of how many tests Bailey was actually doing on her own hands — that long line of petri dishes shows how devastated she is personally and professionally psychologically.

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