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There's nothing wrong with using a metaphor to explain the situation, but make sure it doesn't derail on you later. NOW BREATHE DEEP YOUR MISFORTUNE, YOU SAD LITTLE CLOWN. THAT AROMA YOU DETECT WAFTS FROM THE BOUQUET PERCHED ON YOUR CORPSE BOX.

Trying to hold to an established metaphor while including added information that doesn't fit it at all... The metaphor begins with a solid concept but quickly degenerates into a repetition of the actual situation only projected onto the metaphorical concepts.

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By who: Favorite method: Do you moan: How long does it take: How long does your orgasm last: Favorite place to masturbate: Ever masturbated with another girl: Who was it: Are you a virgin: If no, when did you lose your virginity: Ever given a blowjob: To who: Ever given a handjob: To who: Ever been eaten out: By who: Sex: Have you had sex? If it happened on purpose, why was the person nude in front of you? How comfortable are you with being nude around friends? Have you ever done any sexual type stuff at a sleepover ? )N/A Ever kissed a guy:yea Ever kissed a girl:yeaaa Heard or seen parents having sex:no Heard or seen siblings having sex:no Do you prefer cut or uncut: cut but it dosn't matter Biggest penis you've ever seen: 7inches Favorite type of underwear: panties Ever use sex toys:yea strap on Have you ever... well, that's sillier than wearing a trash can on your head while artistically comparing two unlike concepts. "You can't make an omelette without [something much more unpleasant than breaking a few eggs]" seems to be particularly popular, perhaps because it lends itself well to Black Comedy. Compare Derailed Train of Thought, Analogy Backfire, Sidetracked by the Analogy, Shaggy Frog Story, Disorganized Outline Speech, I Like My X Like I Like My Y and Mixed Metaphor.

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