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I demonstrate Love and Honor by supporting and caring for my fellow Miamians.

And because I Am Miami, I act through my words and deeds in ways that reflect these values and beliefs.

That enthusiasm is precisely why the city's many downtown hot spots, local theater, and museums can all take advantage of .

MIAMI to share the latest news, offers, and event schedules with visitors. There's room for every kind of attraction under the . Miami is a major business hub, and an economic gateway between Latin America and the United States.

So sit back, pull your e-cig out, and revel in the heat and unsophisticated faux-glamour of the worst drinking establishments in South Beach, and beyond.

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I defend the freedom of inquiry that is the heart of learning.

I embrace the spirit, academic rigor, opportunities, and challenges of a Miami Experience, preparing me to make the world a better place.The sting, March 14-20, was dubbed “Operation March Sadness” by Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, a law enforcement officer who believes in public shaming as a deterrent.The sweep netted 51 men who now stand accused of solicitation and 14 others arrested on related charges, such as pimping.A 26-year-old who said he is seeking political asylum.These were among the snagged in a Polk County Sheriff Office sting sweep for sex trafficking-prostitution.At Miami, our mission is to empower each student, staff, and faculty member to promote and become engaged citizens who use their acquired knowledge and skills with integrity and compassion to improve the future of the community and the world. I stand for honesty, integrity, and the importance of moral conduct.

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