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That means you’ll be put to death here on earth for being a traitor and then go to hell for it to boot! ) Juan Valdez – Columbian coffee guy (born John Feldenstein) Judd Hirsh – actor-Taxi Judd Nelson – actor, Suddenly Susan, The Breakfast Club Judy Blume – Children’s author Judy Cavitez – actress Judy Holliday – actress Judy Kuhn – Broadway actress (Voice of Pocahontes) Judy Landers – actress Juice Newton – Country/pop singer-Queen of Hearts (real last name: Cohen) Jule Styne – composer of Gypsy Jules Dassin – film director Julianna Margulies – ER actress Julie Kanver- voice of Marge Simpson Julie Kavner – actress, voice of Marge Simpson Julius Lester – author and professor jewish?Below is just a partial list of “who’s who” from 2009, it’s a virtual drop in the bucket. June Allyson Ella Geisman – actress Justin Miller – first male to receive breast implant Justin Wilson- Mais, Cher, ANOTHER famous Cajun Justine Bateman – actress Justine Frischman – Frontwoman Britpop band Elastica Justine Frischmann – lead singer of well known UK indie band Elastica Kari Wuhrer-Salin – MTV hostess, B movie actress and hot piece of ass Karl Haas – pianist, conductor, acclaimed host of Adventures in Kate Capshaw – actress Katey Segal – actress/singer married w/children Kathie Lee Gifford – (father was jewish Epstien) Kathy Levine – QVC Hostess Katrina Neville- soprano, star of Penn State Opera Theatre Keitel, Harvey – actor Pulp Fiction, The Piano, etc) Keith Moon – The Who (reputedly jewish) Ken Berry – TV star, Mayberry R. D., F Troop Ken Olin – actor\thirtysomething Ken Wahl – Wiseguy star jewish?We’re pleased to announce a nationwide event that, literally, has your name written all over it.

Of course some foolish/traitorous Gentiles are complicit as well, Satanic jews “pay them off” by giving them top jobs, Everyone should think twice before aiding and abetting the enemies because treason is punishable by death in most parts of the world including America. Jonathan Mostow – screenwriter and movie director Jonathan Silverman – actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas – Home Improvement Jonathan Taylor Thomas – real name Jonathan Weiss Jonathon Lipnicki – child actor/ Jerry Maguire Jonathon Wolfe – musician Jonny Clegg – South african musician Jaluka and Savuka Jorma Kaukonen – guitarist (Hot Tuna, parents were Russian jews) Jose Lewgoy – Brazilian actor (Kiss of the Spider Woman) Josef Schmidt, Rosa Raisa, Leonard Warren – opera singers Josef Szigeti – violinist Josef Von Sternberg – actor/director Joseph Brodsky – Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Joseph Gordon – Levitt – actor on 3rd Rock From The Sun Joseph Papp – public theatre Josh Meisels – marathon runner Josh Mostel – actor-son of zero mostel Josh Niehaus – musician/Entertainer Josh Niehaus – musician/entertainer/player Joshua Bell, concert violinist Joshua Redman – saxaphonist, jewish mom Joy Division – (at least Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner, Ian Curtis?The real one’s being compiled in our database at by “We The People”, it will be the most complete and defining list of who’s who the worlds’ ever seen. All the Media, 100% is owned/controlled by jews, period. Kenny G – musician Kent Brockman – TV anchor on The Simpsons Kenny Brockelstein Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman – guitarists for Slayer Kevin Kline – actor, Best Supporting Oscar in A Fish Called Wanda Kevin Pollack – actor Kim Greist – actress: chicago hope/homeward bound Kim Iglinski – Israeli top-model, discovered in Paris Kim Zimmer – actresss/guiding light King Diamond – american singer (Mercyful Fate) Kinky Friedman – country singer and mystery author Kirk Douglas – actor, nee Isadore Demsky Kirka Babitzin – Finnish singer Kirschner, Mia – actress/Exotica Kitty Carlisle – panelist on What’s My Line (real last name Conn) Klein, Calvin – fashion designer Knopfler, Mark – Dire Straits Kurt Weil – composer (Three Penny Opera) Kyra Sedgwick – Star of Phenom, Miss Rose White (mother is jewish) Lacey Chabert – actress on Party of Five Larisa Oleynik – Secret World of Alex Mack Larry Adler – world famous harmonica player Larry David – writer-producer Larry Fine – one of The Three Stooges Larry Floyd Matthews – Country singer/accordianist Larry Gelbart – Mash producer Larry Kramer- AIDS activist/Playwright (The Normal Heart, The Destiny of Me) Larry Storch – F Troop actor Laura Bertam – actress on the Disney Channel’s ‘Ready or Not’ Laura Nyro – singer Laura Shaff – Bon Vivant, Girl About Town Lauren Bacall – actress Laurence Tolhurst – Original drummer of The Cure Laurin Sydney – Showbiz Today CNN Lawrence Harvey – born Skikne – actor Lawrence Harvey – famous actor Lawrence Hershon- little in the middle but he got much back Leah Remini – actress , sitcom Fired Up Leaving Las Vegas, The Saint, etc… Lee Grant – actress/director Lee Konitz – musician (jazz saxophonist) Lee Strasberg – acting teacher Lee Strassberg – actor Lee Zurik (CBS Sports Anchor) Lee, Michelle – actress – Knots Landing Leiber and Stoller – composers, producers, writers, (HOUND DOG, STAND BY ME, JAILHOUSE ROCK) Lena Brenner – story teller Lenny Bruce – comic Lenny Kravitz – singer, guitarist Leo Genn-famous British actor(Quo Vadis) Leo Gorcey – actor Leo Rosten -author Joys of yiddish Leon Askin – actor, director (General Burkhalter in Hogan’s Heroes) Leonard Bernstein – composer, conductor Leonid Kogan – world class violinist Leslie Ann Warren – actress jewish?(That means ALL OF IT) They built Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry to use as propaganda against Gentiles. Leslie Gore – singer Leslie Howard – actor Leslie Howard – British actor, in Gone With The Wind, Killed as Leslie Nielsen, actor (Airplane, Mr.Putting a twist on the home-invasion subgenre (and expanding onto the filmmaker's well-received 2002 short "The Host"), writer-director-editor Nick Tomnay takes us one way and then another, but the irony doesn't stop there. Niles Crane of TV's "Frasier" without the broad laughs, Pierce puts on a show of crazy with a capital C.In one scene—that's as creepy as it is amusing—he boogies on down to Rose Royce's soul disco hit "Car Wash" atop his dining room table with his imaginary dinner guests.Crawford is dangerous and yet intended to be the more sane character of the two.

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