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Runs overpayment cashiers check scam and medical emergency scam and then wants a refund! Claims John's address: 1101 Monroe Ave, Memphis, TN 38103.An NYPD officer is heard frantically shouting for help after his partner was fatally shot Wednesday.Officer Miosotis Familia was in a police truck when Alexander Bonds walked up and fired one shot, striking her in the head. (July 5) The New Orleans Police Department released this surveillance video of four men beating and robbing two tourists in the city's French Quarter. J J plays Miles, the spiky member of the ensemble, who initiates a lot of the brawling, the reconciling, and the revelatory insights that the friends undergo in the course of their ‘journey’.‘They’re kind of immature “man-olescents” at the beginning, covering the serious issues they need to face up to with banter and bravado in that British way,’ he says.And while he has the clean-cut good looks and athletic bearing of an American jock, he can also wax mystical about backpacking off to Tibet at 17 with his brother to climb mountains (‘I love their serenity’), or his sojourn on the 19th floor of nearby Trellick Tower, a monument to 1960s architectural brutalism (‘It was like living in the sky’). Since his debut in Last Orders 11 years ago, playing the young Michael Caine, J J – John Joseph, since you ask – has shown up in everything from the BBC’s Northanger Abbey to Goal! His two latest projects are equally yin and yang; he’s just back from Los Angeles, where he’s been doing reshoots for Captain America: The First Avenger.

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