Large and lovely dating

My mistake, I realized: I’d unwittingly entered the wrong origin and destination languages. ”)That made the waitress laugh—but given that the name of the dish is German, I suppose it was a trick question.

After fiddling for a bit, I uncrossed the wires and the correct answer appeared: “Nothing serious.”“Could I please have a bratwurst without a bun, and some mushroom soup? On the way home, I stopped at my regular Polish hair salon, and elated the owner by showing her Polish text on my screen:“Can I have an appointment next Tuesday? Marysia responded into the microphone, in Polish:“Sorry, Silvia is not working Tuesday.”The written translation came back “Sylvia Tuesday a shampoo not working.”But I hadn’t asked about a shampoo! ”But I was already heading for Mancora, a Peruvian corner café, where I burned to answer a question that had long haunted me.“What does the beef heart appetizer taste like? He listened to the question emerge (correctly) in spoken Spanish, pondered, then replied.“It tastes like beef.”e to worry about.

My irresistible impulse to test-drive the app was cellular in a non-technological sense: Every cell of my being craved it.

As a translator and writer, I spend a good portion of my day thinking about what people say, and what they mean by it.

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The couple seems couldn't hold their conflicts any longer agreed to call it quits after dating for almost a year and a half.

Alex and Hyunyoung first declared their relationship publicly on October 2015.

The couple gained a lot of attentions due to their 12 years age gap.

I spent much of Thursday, for instance, agonizing over whether to render the French insult “goujat” as “cad” or “lout.” (I went with “lout”).

The new app, I hoped, would liberate people like me from their dictionaries, and spare monolingual travelers much humiliation and confusion.

Dating can often become a complicated thing, and when things become desperate you often try to speed things off.

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