Intj girls dating

I don't mean physically, but I mean how we think and act.

Being a girl, I have a difficult time preventing myself from intimidating guys. Both of them are a relief to be around - both are smart, logical and have a great sense of humor.

Seems to me our INTJ brethren with different instincts are a little worse off. As for intimidating men, find an intellectual equal and have at it.

Intimidating men means they think you have profound substance and are probably out of their league. It's interesting to note all of the INTJ's who posted here thus far are Sexual/Social. My guess is we should be thankful for that, as far as dating goes anyway...

As a INTJ, I take a while to warm up to a person and feel comfortable enough to show my feelings.

Also, the only luck I have meeting women is through online dating, where have other INTJ's been successful meeting women?

I've been successful in my career as a INTJ, but not in dating.I basically don't do well with small talk and flirting, but I am fine with just regular conversation about things I'm interested in.Usually the relationship ends with the woman saying she thought I was a nice guy, but no spark there.As an INTJ female, I can be pretty, but dependent, frail and less intelligent? The questions that may arise from the man may be; “Why don’t you wear more makeup? They are innocent questions that may sometimes arise in a suggestive form. The man secretly wishes he had a woman that is more feminine or they may be intimidated by my intelligence.” “Why don’t you wear dresses more often (or at all)”? Occasionally, clues to this may arise in the dating phase with comments such as, “You are so much smarter than me”. If they feel that way that early, then they will certainly take the path of the pattern. They will never admit this, but this absolutely becomes the case.I don't tend see them as masculine, but actually as fairly feminine just very determined and driven which is definitely a turn on.

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