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Actor/comedian Kevin Hart dabs to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, right, after Hart bench pressed 225 lbs.

Both are highly creative artists and disarmingly polite men who share an unwavering belief that Cam’ron is the best rapper of his generation. There, Cam would cook for his guests—steak, lamb, Killa shrimp—before hitting his home studio, where A-Trak would play his sublime beats and Cam would lay his inimitable raps. We sat down with A-Trak and Cam’ron to talk about the making of Cam, what were your thoughts when Dame told you about a possible Fool’s Gold collab with A-Trak? Last year, at this DJ battle, Miss Info was telling me about A-Trak.But give it the half hour it asks, invest a bit of time and let it flow past you, and it's a sweet slice of everyday life.The ups and downs and all the angles of relationships.This short film proves that ordinary is no place to be.Retro robots in the future, same as here and now, but robots stomp about.Music from the band Sleigh Bells is prominently featured.

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