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This is well within his abilities also as he co-directs and teaches at The Piano Academy of Ireland in Rathgar with his wife Rhona Gouldson.

I’d had a health scare which was quite serious and my husband had just had a really big operation,” she reveals.Maimie plays Tamsin Richards, the wife of Shaun Dooley’s hardened criminal, Steve.“It’s quite hard when you go into a long-running show and you’re like the new kid.Nicholas and others, it seems, had accepted the explanation for her lack of renown among music lovers: a long battle against cancer had forced her to abandon her concert career in 1976 and led her to devote her energy to recording all the great works in the piano repertory, from Scarlatti to Messiaen, for the small British label Concert Artist. ''Joyce Hatto must be the greatest living pianist that almost no one has ever heard of,'' Richard Dyer wrote in The Boston Globe in 2005. Hatto's reputation for excellence and originality has been shaken by a charge of plagiarism. Hatto, who in just the last two years have promoted what began to resemble a cult. Nicholas defended his earlier impression that the CDs credited to Ms. He said he could not explain it and asked to be informed if anyone shed any light on the affair.'' As it happens, questions about the authenticity of Ms. “I watched it the other night and I had forgotten all the stuff that was happening off-screen,” she recalls over a quiet coffee in north London.“I was breastfeeding, so my 10-week-old daughter was on-set with me, and I wasn’t able to get my corset off.

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