Harvard speed dating website


" Alexa compared online dating to writing a book with Microsoft Word as opposed to a typrwriter.

"The quality of the book would probably be the same," he said.

Date My School One particular website, Date My School, created by Columia Business School students Balazs Alexa and Jean Meyer, has established itself at Columbia and NYU, and is beginning to make waves in the Boston area.

Available at Harvard, BU, Tufts, and MIT, this site claims to be best for students who are looking for anything from a friend or a date to a "booty call" or a "green card." Harvard students are certainly taking notice of Date My School, signing up for the site at a rate that would leave Mark Zuckerberg impressed.

Conversation is a fundamental human experience, one that is necessary to pursue intrapersonal and interpersonal goals across myriad contexts, relationships, and modes of communication.

When people are instructed to ask more questions, they are perceived as higher in responsiveness, an interpersonal construct that captures listening, understanding, validation, and care.

In a series of studies, Harvard researchers examined more than 300 online and in-person conversations between people getting to know each other.

For online conversations, participants were assigned a random person to talk with for 15 minutes.

We trained a natural language processing algorithm as a “follow-up question detector” that we applied to our speed-dating data (and can be applied to any text data to more deeply understand question-asking dynamics).

The follow-up question rate established by the algorithm explained why question-asking led to speed-dating success.

Neither company lasted long, but the computer- assisted dating model they promoted had a lot in common with the early days of the online dating sector in the mid-1990s.

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