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Instead of calling in sick from work, just follow these tips for clear skin in no time. 11 skin care mistakes you're making Text more often This might annoy your mom, but using your fingers to chat could save your skin.Just think of all those oils, all that bacteria and all those germs on your i Phone.

When you need to talk, wipe your phone with a cleansing wipe or go hands-free. And while we certainly hope you are swapping out your linens much more frequently, dirty pillowcases can lead to clogged pores.

Sure, those first two turned out to be true, but acne? Lin Skincare, says blemish flare-ups are very common among adults.

Michael Lin, a Beverly Hills, California-based dermatologist and founder of Dr.

Even though it’s important to invest in yourself and your future, it’s also important to invest in others.

Read More Tags: #dorethiakelly, #moneychat, money chat, moneychat, personalfinance This question was posted in the #Money Chat Group, and here are our top answers to whether or not you should buy a timeshare.

The class meets two times per week (50 cumulative hours recommended). The focus of this class is on strength training and balance. Wayne Wescott's research to achieve strength gains and better balance. *These programs follow the South Shore YMCA's regular program session calendar.

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