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She never told me not to, but the tone was clear: she disapproved. Contains incest, an Aunt with a large futa-cock, cock-milking, some impregnation talk. My Mom, Judy, was strict about enforcing a 'No Pornography' ban in the house, and on the rare (but still far too often) occasions that she caught me masturbating...

My Aunt Jenny, on the other hand, was (and is) the opposite of my Mom. My friends even found a few old pornos that featured her on the internet and made copies for me.I'm still learning flash AS3 so this game is not perfect but it's much better than the first version : D There are 3 seducible characters.I was wishing to had more but the game was already very huge !There were lessons that she listened attentively to, jokes shared with her twin friends Stacey and Alice, and of course the obligatory spot of bullying from Vanessa on the way home.This time the bitch had pulled her hair while insulting her about her family.It seemed that to them, wanting to study and do well to earn a place at university made her a freak.

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