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The perception that to become a successful tech company requires you to be in Silicon Valley isn't as misdirected as the ideologies that have spawned out of there.

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Don't make the mistake of imbibing what you hear coming from the mouths of the Silicon Valley behemoths for there are many, many more who have proven otherwise. #1 - The success of your startup depends on having a co-founder Getting inducted into one of the most popular startup incubators -- Y Combinator, is next to impossible if you're a solo founder.Fortunately, one company has set out to make connecting entrepreneurs easier than ever. That’s right, as they announced this morning, One Vest has acquired Founder Dating in an effort to create a gigantic entrepreneur network by pairing with their subsidiary, Co Founders Lab.Not only will the acquisition strengthen their already impressive ability to connect advisors, cofounders, and entrepreneurs, it will also allow for a vast array of resources that will make the startup process that much easier.If quality employees don’t have access to businesses in need, they aren’t going to help build a successful startup.And, perhaps most importantly, if founders don’t have access to mentors and co-founders, their startups could be dead in the water.I'm a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), which is named as 'one of America's most successful communities for business professionals' by Entrepreneur magazine.

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