Fetish female chatbot


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During all other periods, eroticism was attached to breasts, buttocks, and thighs.

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You've actually been watching footage of a very obscure cross-dressing subculture all along.

Flatulence fetishism or eproctophilia are the technicals term for this particular fetish.

Fart fetishists as they are more commonly referred to find flatulence alluring and can easily get sexual satisfaction when they think about it.

Eugene Goostman: smart name for the smart robot crowned champion of the infamous Turing Test, the standard for determining machine intelligence created by British mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing.

At the 2014 Turing Test At The Royal Society in London, the robot, under the guise of a 13-year-old Ukrainian boy, answered questions about his hometown of Odessa, his Jewishness, his pet guinea pig, and his father, a gynecologist (“My friends say he is a “beaver-doctor” – but I guess they lie – he is not a veterinary! After successfully convincing 33% of visitors that he was indeed human, Eugene was hailed as a long-coveted, shining bit of proof: at long last, our technologies were approaching fantastic, sci-fi proportions.

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