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Prior to this revolution, a cell phone’s role in anyone’s daily life consisted of merely making phone calls, sending text messages, and simply drafting emails.

Today, however, everyone has a high-powered digital camera in their pocket or purse, one capable of taking stunning panoramas at the touch of a finger.

Now that Valentine’s Day is officially over and you finished spoiling your girl with a fancy dinner, expensive gifts, and the best D you could muster after a long day of work and multiple glasses of the most expensive wine you could afford, you’re looking to make some time for the other woman (or women) in your life. We don't condone stepping out on your lady, but we're not here to judge. So, how does one go about keeping their scandalous ways a secret from their better half?

The only problem is your girl is like a new age Jessica Fletcher and checks your Twitter mentions, your Facebok activity, your Instagram likes, and, most importantly, keeps tabs your phone activity.

For instance, I personally like apps where I can adjust the shutter speed for when I’m shooting at dusk, but if you like filters and presets, there are plenty of applications that offer those, too.

For better or worse (nah, probably for the better), weed culture of the modern era has far surpassed its stereotype-laden roots.

The drug rugs and stoner vans are out, dispensaries are in, marijuana is kinda legal sometimes, and cannabis technology is everywhere.

Android is an open platform, so it’s only natural that there’s an “Open Camera.” This camera app is full of features and, unless you decide to donate, it’s totally free to use.

Open Camera’s interface might appear busy at first, but that’s because there are a ton of options to choose from, including several focus and scene modes.

Once the photo receives its fair share of filters and fades, it can then be uploaded to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr to amass even more likes and Internet karma.

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