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Anyone who was ever 16 years old in America remembers the milestone, perhaps even more than the first real kiss: the first car. But a handful of the very luckiest, who happened to live in certain privileged precincts of Southern California in a dear, departed past when innocence was not yet unfashionable, remember something even better: how they got their first cars—as promos.Dick Zanuck got a Ford ’51 coupe, whose top he chopped, because the Ford Motor Company provided the fleet for Twentieth Century Fox studios, where his father, Darryl, ruled supreme.I know I’m not going to settle for anything less than that feeling again, and neither should you.Women are the most independent they have ever been in the history of society, think back even just twenty years ago, women in a business setting were almost unheard of.I know I’ll find someone, well duh, I’m fucking awesome.It’s not a matter of finding someone it’s a matter of finding the one.(MORE: What to Do When He Says He Needs Space) There is something magical about meeting a guy that you actually click with.

But, for roughly 25 years, between the premieres of Hollywood childhood, especially if the definition of “normal” could be stretched just a bit to include riding the small-gauge railroad in Walt Disney’s backyard, taking swimming lessons from Esther Williams, booing out loud at the Academy Awards ceremony when your father lost an Oscar (or bragging at school when he won one), and having Milton Berle do card tricks for your birthday or Sammy Davis Jr. The Village“Look for it only in books, for it is no more than a dream remembered”—the prologue of holds a mirror up to Hollywood itself.

“He says, ‘Well, then, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a ride to school! “Dad would say, ‘Look, if you get caught driving, I can do any ticket. ”’In the roughly 90 years since movies began being made in Los Angeles, there have been royal Hollywood childhoods of privilege and power (the Mayer girls, the Selznick boys), gothic Hollywood childhoods of psychological and physical abuse (the Crawfords, the Crosbys), haunted Hollywood childhoods of suicide and sadness (the Haywards, the Fondas).

Just don’t go west of Whittier, south of Wilshire, north of Mulholland, or east of Doheny Drive. There have been dynastic Hollywood childhoods (the Hustons, the Douglases) and workhorse Hollywood childhoods (Judy Garland, Natalie Wood).

The total communicability can be computed quickly even for large networks using techniques based on the Lanczos algorithm.

In this work we introduce some heuristics that can be used to add, delete, or rewire a limited number of edges in a given sparse network so that the modified network has a large total communicability.

“Disney lied, there is no such thing as fairy tale love.” Well call me crazy, but I think this could be one of the dumbest quotes I’ve ever seen come across my Tumblr feed.

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