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What they still would mind is probably dating one, if the dress style of the people on stage at Apple’s WWDC or Google I/O is anything to fall back on.

Read Also: 8 Tell-Tale Signs You’re A Geek Nonetheless, all is not lost because we have here 20 good reasons why you should consider giving geeks a chance since they are…

Editor's note: Christian Sager is the creator of "Think of the Children" and "Border Crossings".

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1-2 months into the separation, he […] When you’re talking to someone you think is hot – whether you’re hoping to get a phone number or a date, to practice your flirting or lay the groundwork for future interactions, it can feel like you’re having to juggle while riding a unicycle.

I’ve gotten more confident about myself and less reserved about expressing my interest in women, and that’s led to dates with really cool, attractive people. Instead of talking about the things you should be doing…

Although I still at times struggle with my insecurities, I’m laid back enough […] This week, it’s time for a little tough love. I want […] Last week we talked about part of how somebody can get the sex they want without relying on douchebaggery.

And I ride horses-I grew up on a horse ranch-and play basketball.

It could be because geeks are making significant impact in a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on information technology.

This week, we’re going to continue that trend and talk about how guys can learn to become sexier.

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