Dating men with adhd

Many of us grew up with Paul Simon’s song, but what about ways NOT to leave your lover? It’s worth taking the time to make this list…and I encourage you all to add your ideas! I take medication, eat a good diet when possible, as well as supplemebts. Considering the chaos of our own individual lives, adding more people to the mix only multiplies both work and chaos.

Im being cheated and i honestly dont know how to react. I'm resurrecting this discussion because my experience and research leads me to disagree with a lot of the opinion in this thread, which seem actually to come from people who are not in ADHD relationships and are just moralizing.

The ADHD half of the couple can bring elements of spontaneity and surprises which help to keep the relation new and exciting.

we all want to feel loved, supported, encouraged and be with someone who is kind.

And if we can barely manage our own lives, why multiply our stresses even more with kids?

It sounds as if you have enough trouble organizing your life that you've decided that staying single is a good idea for you. However, to extrapolate from your own solution (stay single) to the broader ADHD population is a mistake.

I wonder if anyone has been experiencing this being a problem when it comes to being Faithful to your partner.

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