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Traditions vary in different parts of Thailand so for instance a Thai wedding in the south of Thailand (for example, Phuket) can be very different to a wedding in the north of Thailand (such as Chiang Mai).

For marriages in some rural areas and Thai villages ‘upcountry’, there is more chance that many of the old customs, such as ‘preparing the bridal bed’ (see below), will be incorporated in the wedding ceremony.

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As a result, a large part of the Thai society is underprivileged and not educated.

But Thai people yearn for learning and mixing with the mainstream world.

The growth in the numbers of foreigners who marry Thai women and find Thai girlfriends or relationships in Thailand has spawned a whole industry in books defining the perfect recipe success in love and marriage for foreign men seeking a Thai woman.

The answer is to know the culture and Thai customs.

In fact, this does not only apply to Thai marriage customs but to anywhere else in the world.

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