Dating in the dark episode 2


There was absolutely nothing abnormal about that day to me.

Adnan The only thing I can say is, man, it was just a normal day to me.

People around her are dropping like flies, and not all of them due to her arsenic-laced tea.

Perversely, it was only when things began to spin out of control for Cotton that the drama started to find its grip on her character.

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In Episode 2 last Thursday, we started witnessing an instructive divergence.

Prosecutor Kevin Urick told the jury in his opening statement, “He became enraged.

Automated voice This is a Global-Tel link prepaid call from Adnan Syed an inmate at a Maryland Correctional facility… So to pick up where we left off, last episode, you heard how the prosecution told the story of this murder at Adnan’s trial.

Sarah Koenig From This American Life and WBEZ in Chicago, it’s Serial. And the motive the State supplied, the basis for the whole thing, was that after Hae broke up with Adnan, he couldn’t accept it.

Next for the treatment was lover Joe—both pro bono kills if you will, seeing as there was no way she could collect on either's life insurance—before her final victim: Fred’s orphaned little boy, whose death was the tipping point for the local constabulary.

Cotton met the gallows with the same arrogance as she met with most other things.

It didn't really matter that we could guess what was going on earlier than usual. Right to the end the episode retained its ability to surprise, with the emergence of a possible Holmes' sister, who we'd previously assumed to be Watson's therapist, bit on the side "E", or Elizabeth, or, most unsettlingly, Smith's down and out daughter. Without wishing to sound as self-consciously smart-arsed as Sherlock Holmes, it was inevitable that Toby Jones would turn up sooner or later in the BBC's much modernised Sherlock.

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