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Venice, Italy Venice is located in the North East of […] If you’re traveling to Europe in the next few months, there are several tips that can save you from being overwhelmed with the journey to another country.

You probably already have a substantial amount of the planning done, but here is some advice to make your trip smoother and hassle-free.

With so many cities in the world, it’s hard to narrow down which ones you should travel to with your loved one.

Here you’ll find a quick guide with a rundown of some of the cities that are perfect for a romantic travel destination.

It’s so understandable to be nervous about dating because creating your love life and having an amazing life with a man who is committed to you, loves you, and cares about you is important.

If you can swing it, I highly recommend going to a resort and spending a week or so just relaxing in the sun, looking at hot women in bikinis, and generally treating yourself.

When it comes to dating, just like other situations in life like being interviewed or having our work reviewed, the tendency is always to be hard on ourselves. You get to choose what you want to experience and take away from this date, as opposed to putting all the power in the hands of a man whom you don’t even know yet.

We put ourselves in a disempowered position and then bend ourselves into a pretzel to please the guy we’re dating, as if him liking us is the end-all-be-all stamp of approval and victory – even on a first date. You have no power over how he behaves and reacts, nor what he thinks, so why would that determine whether or not the date is successful?

So before you go, tune in to your values – what you stand for (love, honesty, beauty in the world, peace, commitment, etc.).

Think about what your top values are and ask yourself: what does it mean for you to show up with those values on a date? Remind yourself of how amazing you are (in a genuine way) and what attributes you bring to a relationship.

Dwelling on what went wrong, what could have been, or what a giant bitch your ex-wife is will not help you in any way! Get rid of objects that remind you of her, such as shirts she gave you, the mattress you slept on together etc...

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