Dating for a year no kiss


The fact is, I’m saving my very first kiss for my future husband on the day of our wedding.In a day and age where kissing is the norm for elementary schoolers and losing your virginity in, or by high school is expected, it seems absurd and ridiculous that anyone would possibly save their first kiss for the beginning of a happily-ever-after for the two estranged friends.It's just as memorable as the fake orgasm scene at the deli."Sorry, I guess that's one of the few problems with running a startup while in high school.I have to constantly switch rooms when the bell goes off." And though it's easy to imagine a laundry list of obstacles for a high school entrepreneur, accommodating the bell schedule appears to be the only one that's truly slowing down this Lincoln Park High School Junior.I want to take you through five points that will help you better understand why I’m saving my first kiss for marriage, and why I think you should too.

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It's a time to don glitzy outfits, reflect on the past, and ponder future resolutions.

Should I give him more time and be understanding if he's not as confident as me? Being friends first always makes the next move awkward, there is a lot riding on it if it goes wrong.

He may think that you will not be friends if it goes badly.

I’m twenty-five years old, I’ve been in two serious relationships, and I’ve never kissed a guy.

It’s not because I think kissing is gross, or that I’ve never wanted to kiss.

"You can spend a lot of time in high school thinking about whether someone likes you or not," explained Lurye. Kiss is an easy way to find out if it's time to move forward or if it's time to move on." Last summer, Lurye knew that he wanted to move forward and turn an idea into a business; he just didn't know where to start.

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