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Note that an identification number ('439') has been painted on the ice before it was photographed.

The meteorite is then chipped out of the ice and taken in an inert atmosphere and still frozen to a facility at the Johnson Space Centre in Houston, where it is finally stored under a program run jointly by NASA and the Smithsonian.

There are other known asteroids that do not orbit within the Main Belt (such as various near Earth objects or NEOs), and some of these also could be sources of meteorites.

Satellite images suggest the broken-up ice could be at least 25 years old.

These stagnant patches are eroded by strong winds, thereby exposing and concentrating meteorites on the ice surface.

Such areas, called blue ice for their colour, have over just a few decades provided more than 35,000 individual meteorites ranging in size from thumbnail to basketball.

It was spotted by German scientist Christian Müller during an aerial survey by plane on Dec. "I looked out of the window, and I saw an unusual structure on the surface of the ice," Müller said in a video describing the discovery.

"There was some broken ice looking like icebergs, which is very unusual on a normally flat ice shelf, surrounded by a large, wing-shaped, circular structure," said Müller, a geoscientist with Fielax, a private company assisting Antarctic research.

Rather, they are identified by an abbreviated name of some local landmark plus a number that identifies the year of recovery and the specific sample.

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