Dads and their daughters dating jewish and gentile dating

High school was hard enough without Dad, the scourge of your adolescent love life, constantly icing your game.

We put a call out to Twitter, and boy, did Twitter deliver—we rounded up 10 hilarious stories of dads' attempts (some more successful than others) to intimidate their children's dates.

My seven year old was able to understand at a very basic level that others didn’t want the women to succeed, but they seemed to be pretty smart and kept going to do their best. After the movie, we went for lunch at a restaurant of her choosing.

Fact: Teenage girls are twice as likely to stay in school if their fathers are involved in their lives. This interview by Emily Stimpson is reprinted with permission from the June 15, 2008 issue of Our Sunday Visitor. Fathers have a tremendous power over their daughters. His interactions with her set her up for how she’s going to relate to all other men and to God. If she learns to like her dad, and she can trust him, she’ll have a much easier time trusting her husband and trusting God.

OSV: Whether fathers like it or not, what do their daughters expect from them? Meg Meeker: A daughter naturally wants to view her dad as a leader. That's not just the way it’s supposed to be; that’s the way it is. OSV: What do you think is the most common, albeit perhaps well-intentioned, mistake that most fathers make?

It included things like, I understand that my date is a lady, and I agree her to treat her with the respect she deserves, else I agree to forfeit my right to a long life' and I acknowledge that my date's father owns several rifles and shotguns, and was once a sharpshooter in the Army.' (It may make sense to mention here that I grew up in Alabama.) I think there was also a table that equated number of minutes past curfew to the punishment delivered, which included various forms of torture and dismemberment. To be fair, they never actually put it into action, though they threatened to often.

I remember being mortified when my dad offhandedly mentioned the agreement to my prom date in high school, but I rushed us out the door before he could go into any details."* —Ivy, 27*"My dad hunts deer every year.

OSV: What can the consequences of that withdrawal be?

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