Cydia updating sources stuck


We had shared the fix to this particular problem with our readers already.

However, it’s always good to get the official patch up of things.

What this does do when the process is complete is speed up browsing when looking at the list of what jailbreak apps and tweaks are available.

In contrast, the official App Store only loads information for up to 25 apps at a time.

Saurik, the creator of Cydia has explained why the jailbreak app store takes a while to load up on the i Phone and other i OS devices.

As always, it’s free to use, right now is only Windows-based but you can use an app called i PAStore to jailbreak it right on the device (more info).There’s no need to update to this if you have already successfully jailbroken your i Phone, i Pad or i Pod touch.For those of you who couldn’t jailbreak using Tai G 2.3.1, now is the time when you might find some luck.After I’ve successfully jailbroken my i Phone, I ran into several issues.After looking for help from the r/Jailbreak community, I’ve found some excellent solutions.This means the app must download an updated list of software every time the app is opened, which entails downloading 3MB of data.

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