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Yawn…My first handful of dates with this girl were great! I would talk with friends about it and a common piece of advice was to play a game of sorts.“Make yourself unavailable” or “Ignore her for a while”, “make her feel envy”… Dating should be about doing what YOU feel is right.

I have to publicly admit that I have failed the "Cosmopolitan Dating Test".Let's take a look at the 4 personality types that Cosmo has declared to be losers:1.The Adrenaline Junkie - You definitely want to stay away from rock climbers, alpinists, and ice climbers because they will spend so much time on their outdoor adventures that there will never be quiet time for a bowl of popcorn and "Sleepless in Seattle".Sorry, but I’m not a game player like that and even if I was, why the fuck would I want to pursue someone who I have to play those games with? Is it because some angsty journalist had some bad experiences yet can write really really well so we take what they say as gold? Not what someone else pushes on you as the way things are supposed to be. I’m 35 and I can reliably say that I don’t need newsstand advice on how I should feel about pursuing a relationship with someone else. Before social media, we relied on these magazines that guided us with articles about sex, dating, being single, being a player… As soon as I realized that the only feasible way to ‘maybe’ get anywhere with this girl was to play this game, I shut myself off. Today's blog is about that fine academic journal of all things health and relationships, Cosmopolitan.

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