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So I didn’t have a fear about doing damage to my career.’ His good looks and talent helped him to develop a loyal gay following.

‘Working with John and Fran is just…and Rita Moreno (who plays Drescher’s mother) is on the show, it’s like, ‘ARE YOU KIDDING?The need of defined boundaries in these days is well indicated by a claim made by the Guises to the possession of “all the country between the Murrumbidgee and the Murray above Albury” which takes in hundreds of thousands of acres.Of note is one particular property at Khancoban (or better known as swampy plain at the time) South east of Fringembrong on the Swampy River.) is a 7000 acre working sheep and cattle farm It is one of the oldest properties in this region and it’s history is filled with interesting people.From illegitimate french royalty to legitimate Australian Royalty the history of Kimo is a fascinating tale, and especially interesting is the obvious power that existed in the emerging colony in agriculture and land ownership that brought simple farmers to be in elevated positions of power and fraternising with politicians and even Governors, all on the lawns of Kimo Estate….Richard (his brother) and William expanded their holdings rapidly in the 1830’s to include properties at Gunning, Gundaroo, Yass, Benenborough, Walwa, Bong Bong, Burra, Twofold Bay, Williamsdale, Hay, Groongal Station as well as properties further south at Buluko and Cunningdroo at the junction of Tarcutta Creek with the Murrumbidgee.

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