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RPSR Noland will be stationed on a Marine base working for the Chaplain and support teams for the next three years. Noland Photo Almost every parent has had this conversation with their child.

"When Im done with school, Im getting as far away from here as possible." Maybe your conversation didnt go quite like that with your kid.

Trump's policies with having had a swift and significant effect on curbing illegal immigration. They are recklessly wandering toward online voting despite their high vulnerable to hacking and manipulation by cyberspace clowns, partisans, enemies, or all three.

And, although we don't often have cause to say this, in this instance, The NYTimes is absolutely correct. Let us not only greet one another with a "Happy 4th" or "Independence Day, but may we have a deep gratitude and appreciation for those who sacrificed for us to have them.

RPSR Nicholas Noland graduated the United States Marine Corps Expeditionary and Combat Skills Training Class 17030 from Field Medical Training Battalion-East, Camp Lejuene, North Carolina on June 14th, 2017.

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One of seven selected from Ohio LINK member institutions, Nowakowski will attend the OTN Summer Institute (OTNSI), a training program, in August at the University of Minnesota.

At the training program, the leaders and OTN staff will collaborate and coordinate “train the trainer” sessions before the workshops, focused on developing campus leaders, are implemented and offered in Ohio next fall. Sponsored by the Muskingum University Alumni Council, the Muskingum University Distinguished Service Award recognizes and honors alumni who have distinguished themselves through their professional endeavors and exemplary services to society.

Muskingum University celebrated the personal and professional achievements of three of its most accomplished alumni in a ceremony on campus, Saturday, June 17, part of 2017 Alumni Weekend. Any living Muskingum graduate or former student is eligible to receive this award. Lovejoy '51 Bill Lovejoy graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology.

System Leaders will coordinate Ohio LINK OTN awareness and advocate initiatives regarding open educational resources and open textbooks as part of Ohio LINK/Ohio Department of Higher Education affordable learning initiatives for higher education.

Ohio LINK created a consortium-wide membership with OTN, a high-profile and growing collaboration of schools, universities and institutions that promotes access, affordability and student success via open textbooks. Woolard '64 were presented Distinguished Service Awards, the University’s highest alumni honor.

A large number of Arab Christians fled or were expelled from the Jewish-controlled areas of Mandatory Palestine during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, and a small number left during the period (1948–1967) of Jordanian control of the West Bank for economic reasons.

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